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Shaker Style Kitchens

Shaker Style Kitchens Or High-Gloss Ones – Choose Anyone You Like From Kitchen Direct

After purchasing your new apartment, it is time to renovate the interior and make it more your style. Among all the rooms you need to renovate, the kitchen holds its importance. You need professionals to take care of these changes, and now you have us at Kitchen Direct to the rescue.


Hi Gloss Grey Kitchen

We are ready to offer you free kitchen online design and even start working on the project when you give us the go signal. Whether you are aiming for the Shaker Style design or the High Gloss kitchen styles, we have everything in store and within pre-set budget plans. But first, let’s learn about these two styles in detail.


Shaker style kitchen

The shaker style kitchens have doors and cabinets along with drawers, which will feature that flat center panel and some square edges. These kitchen styles will have minimum profiling or detailing.


  • The shaker-styled kitchen has been around for centuries and is noted to be one of the most popular designs to date.
  • You must also remember that shaker kitchens will never look old-fashioned, mainly because of their simplistic beauty.
  • Even though the style is old, these kitchen designs are surely in trend right now. This form of the kitchen will easily stay in fashion!


The high gloss kitchen:

If you are not quite into the shaker style and looking for something different and modern, then hi gloss grey kitchen is the next step for you to address. The high-end glossy shine of the kitchen has been out there for years, and even to this date, it has been a popular choice among the masses.


Hi Gloss White


You can choose from subtle colors like hi gloss white and beige or even some darker versions like maroon, royal blue, and more. No matter whatever the choice might be, give us at Kitchen Direct a call. We will turn your dream kitchen into reality.