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Knowing These 3 Secrets Will Make Your Granite Colours Look Amazing

09 Jul Knowing These 3 Secrets Will Make Your Granite Colours Look Amazing

The old saying that colours are the essence of the world, they were right, they are. Colours make a difference, a big difference in the world, they make your life a little brighter and the view much more beautiful than that of the dull colours of black and white. Now the saying is no exception, even to the smallest details, the colour of your bedroom walls, the colours of the painting in your living room or even the colour or shade of your kitchen and bathroom countertop surfaces. All these make a difference, even it is slight, and it is a change nonetheless.

The Shade:

The shade and the sight are the two “S” that you have to concentrate on when choosing a countertop surface. The shade is the colour, which do you prefer, light and pastel or dark and rich? Picking a colour is a very difficult task, only because there are so many shades to choose from. In our company we have divided our clients into two categories when it comes to choosing colours and hues: the light shades and the dark hues.

The light colours, are normal chosen by clients who like the simple, elegant allure of the light or pastel-coloured choices. These clients, are known to be very simple, elegant and neat; they like everything to give off a vibe of cleanliness and grandness. These clientele prefer their countertop surface to blend in with its environment, like a final piece in a jigsaw puzzle. The dark colours are the exact opposite of the light-coloured clients, these are clients are more audacious and bold. These clients tend to like to experiment which means they like colours that contrast with their surroundings, giving their kitchen an eye-popping effect.

We have all shades of colours, and if it is out of stock, don’t worry! We have suppliers who give instant deliveries, we know the crucial process of choosing a colour and we offer as much as we can do. This following year, the colours that seem to be in-demand in the market are: Imperial Grey, Artico, St. Helens Beige, and Bora Bora Beige. As for the dark colours, the ones that are high and stocked-frequently due to the amount of clientele asking for it, are: Nero Luminoso, Rossi Luninoso, Tempesta, and Rangoon Black. All of these colours are available, and just waiting for you to choose one of them.

The Sight:

The sight of the countertop surface, mostly means what is the design of your countertop going to look like, also an essential choice. However, we like to keep our designs and the colours connected only for the unique touch. Our team of professional designers will sketch a design or a layout of the countertop surface along with the right colour, to blend in with the look. The best thing about this, is that our designers are experts at finding the right colour and design.

To many people, it may seem like an easy task, but we have seen too many designs in hardware stores that don’t look “right” with the colour. You never have an explanation, except maybe that it “looks wrong,” and that’s not really reasonable. So, we suggest to accept one of our designer’s aid, if you want to make your own design, to make it just yours as a custom made request. Or another option, is that you choose one of the colours and designs that are offered. The choice is up to you, of course.

You’ve Chosen the Colour, But Why the Company?

Our company is known to be one of the best installation companies in the country. If you don’t believe us, feel free to request a quote from our team or our previous clients and you can hear what they have to say about our company. Our firm has a professional team of contractors who get the job done, not a minute late and get the job done well. We, also, offer any help you may need in the procedure before the installation. We know the crucial process and how hard it is to choose that one right colour.

So, when you choose the right colour, make sure that you choose us our company. Get a Free Online Kitchen Design by Our Expert Designers.

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