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Kitchen Worktops

Get On With The Best Types Of Kitchen Worktops

You are sick and tired of the old look of your kitchen and desperately looking for some replacement. After you are done with the replacement kitchen doors, you have shifted your gaze towards the worktops. It is where you cover most of the cooking like cutting the vegetables, cleaning, mixing spices, and so much more.


Kitchen Doors and Kitchen Sink


Much like your kitchen sink, the worktops surely will take the brunt of high-pressurized work on a daily basis. So, the material needs to be strong, durable and should be able to withstand daily pressure with ease. For that, understanding various kinds of worktops is really important. So, join us at Kitchen Direct where we offer the best worktops to address.


Granite is the most popular one:

If you are looking for a highly popular stone choice, then the granite worktops from our side will be your best call to address. It is known for its stylish outlook, luxurious value and will add that much-needed quality feels to your kitchen environment.


Quartz Worktops:


If you are not a granite kind of guy, then we have quartz worktops as the next best option that you can invest some bucks one. It is also a man-made stone and will be considered to be as durable as a natural stone. It is scratch-proof, which is indeed necessary for a kitchen worktop.



Nowadays, people with modern kitchen styles are in love with ceramic worktops. It is because of the hygienic and versatile quotient that people do not hesitate to spend a good amount of money on the ceramic worktop.


Some other options:

Apart from the types of kitchen worktops already mentioned, you have other options to better watch out for. Some of those are glass, Corian, wood, laminate, and even stainless steel. So, go through each one of them, check out their characteristics and features, and then finally make the right choice. The prices will change accordingly.