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Kitchen Cabinets

Trendy Styles Of Kitchen Cabinets As Seen These Days


The look of a kitchen seems incomplete if you don’t have properly designed cabinets. Acrylic, laminate, and so many other materials are used for determining the final finished look of the kitchen units. But, unless you are sure of the types available here, how can you possibly go for the right choice. A lot depends on selecting the right cabinet. The kitchen’s layout, looks, and even the style of your home matter a lot before you get to finalize a kitchen cabinet. But first, let’s get on with the types. Join us at Kitchen Direct as we explore the options.



It is the most common type of kitchen cabinets used these days. It consists of pieces of the flat panel, which can create a frame with four pieces and a single flat center panel as its 5th piece.


  • This trend is popular because of its simplistic look and classic style.
  • It can provide both contemporary and traditional style, whichever one you want.



Also stated as slab cabinet doors, these options might look simple but considered to be stylish. The cabinet style will offer minimalistic form and hard lines and will lack some expensive details.


  • The appearance makes it an amazing fit for modern kitchen style.
  • One major feature of the slag cabinet unit is that the doors won’t have any frames, giving out a rather sleek style.



This form of kitchen cabinet is available with horizontal wooden slats, but it can be pretty expensive. With the design seen on furniture pieces, windows, and interior doors, these cabinets will add that unique style to your kitchen cabinetry.


  • These kitchen units Manchester are perfect for those spaces that need ventilation.
  • The classic look will match up with any home style and can change as per the requirements.


So, next time, before you opt for the perfect kitchen units, be sure to check out the options we have in store first.