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11 Problems with Small Kitchens

06 Jul 11 Problems with Small Kitchens

Arranging kitchen appliances

“Home is where the heart is”. Be that as it may, the cuisine is considered the heart and soul of any standard home. Moreover, a kitchen will not be a kitchen without its various appliances, which would include the dishwasher, the fridge, the stove, oven, mixer, blender, microwave, rice cooker, coffee maker, toaster and the cordless kettle.

Have you ever wondered why working in the kitchen may take you hours, when on the other hand, it takes Martha Stewart, the queen of organization, maybe only, half your time? It should be known that the place where each piece of equipment is located has a very large impact on your efficiency, and speed of work. In the light of the above fact, you should lay out a smart system to store your various kitchen appliances. As a result, you will save yourself loads of wasted time and effort, to get any job done. Hence, as Christina Scalise once said “organization is not about perfection; it is about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time, money, and improving your overall quality of life”.

Spread out your stuff

The first thing that you ought to do, to smartly assemble your galley appliances, is to divide your scullery into 5 distinct zones. Specifically, you can split your caboose into a cooking zone, cleaning area, storage space, preparation region, and eating place. So, let’s get the ball rolling by starting to allocate your electrical devices in its designated right position.

Basically, the preparation zone is where the whole food preparation is carried through; chopping vegetables, washing fruits, carving meat, and slicing bread. In effect, the preparation area should hold the toaster, coffee maker, kettle, mixer and the blender.

The cooking area, on the other hand, should hold the stove, microwave, oven and the rice cooker. Ever since, the actual cooking takes place specifically within this zone of your kitchen. Consequently, confining your cooking appliances to this precise region will save you a lot of time; going to and forth across your pantry, to get your work done.

The storage region, correspondingly, will mostly be limited to the fridge and the deep freezer. Hence, this part of your pantry is typically concerned with stowing and keeping your leftovers and unprepared food. Accordingly, the existence of any other application in this district is totally unnecessary and will, ultimately, hinder your work and movement, in your kitchenette.

There is no need to mention that the cleaning area will swallow up the rest of the remaining kitchen appliances. Given that, the eating region will, chiefly, be occupied with a couple of chairs, neatly, surrounding the dining table. The cleaning zone, primarily, takes place within the sink area and it should, essentially, hold the dish washer. Seeing that, the cleaning region is, mainly, concerned with washing and cleaning the used dishes, pots, pans and the rest of the kitchen utensils.

Level with your appliances

Once you have arranged your scullery appliances, with accordance to the famous zone system, you should begin organizing them separately, each within their allocated zone. To put it differently, you should allocate the domestic devices within each zone in accordance with their rate of usage. To elaborate, you should place the most frequently employed gear within the range of sight; Try to place them in easily accessible places. At the same time, all heavy weight apparatuses should be placed on the lower shelves, while occupying the higher shelves with the less utilized, light stuff.

Take the food preparation zone, for instance, this region mainly holds the toaster, coffee maker, kettle, blender, and the mixer. Chiefly, the toaster and the coffee maker should call the countertops as their constant place. On the other hand, the blender and the mixer, which are only used on specific occasions, have a duty to stay put on the lower shelves of a cabinet, located within the preparation zone, and so on. Inside your cabinets, you should place your appliances also according to the frequency of consumption; place the most often used in the front and the rarely used stuff at the back of the cabinets

The minute the process of organizing your appliances is over you will have a place for everything and everything in its place

Kitchen is the soul of every home, consequently and a  standard housewife will spend most of her days working in the kitchen; trying to make a home for her family. Conversely, a small scullery will be, for any housewife, more of a challenge to work in. Accordingly, here are some surprisingly useful ideas to turn any small kitchenette into a heaven on earth:

Ceiling high cabinets:

Accommodation space have always presented a challenge to tiny caboose owners. That is why, ceiling reaching cabinets could present a part of the solution for this problem; it will provide more storage area.

Double on the amount of available space:

A conventional cabinet will hold mostly up to 2 rows of glasses or saucers. However, by introducing a traditional tray on top of the stocked glass wares or saucers you would have created another shelf that can hold another 2 rows of glasses, saucers or anything else for that matter. Another way of maximizing your cabinets’ cargo is to install removable shelves, as opposed to the usual fixed ones. That way you could definitely benefit much more of the services your cupboards have to offer.

Pullout cabinets:

Slim pullout pantries can supply you with plenty of room, and take advantage of the narrow, unused space. Additionally, using this pullout pantries reaching stuff at the back will be plain sailing. You can always use this idea to stow away all your spices and flavors, thus saving tons of space for more scope occupying things

Door racks and wall racks:

You will never know how much a door rack could extend your space, not until you actually try it. A rack screwed to the inside of your cabinets’ doors will take up all your fine objects; leaving your cabinets ready to be occupied with more rogue stuff.

Moreover, having an unclaimed wall in your cuisine will provide a huge opportunity to stow away loads of your stuff; owing to the number of open shelves or racks that you can hang on it. You will be surprised how much a small shelf is big on the storage area. Not only will this approach provide you with a lot of storing area, but it will also save your face and head some bruises caused by opening and closing cabinet doors in pretty confined regions. In the same fashion, you could also mount in s shaped hooks to hang tools and kitchen towels.

An island to harbour your rascal items:

Having an island in the middle of your tiny galley can cause a traffic jam, but once you have come to a way to wholly use this, pebble in your shoe, you will see it as a savior. Instead of having an island that only serves as a countertop or a stove area, you could fill it up with drawers and cabinets to turn it into an extra, huge cabinet. In addition to harboring all of your scallywags, the other side of the island could also double as a tiny dining table once you have provided it with the required stools.

Another huge advantage to add to your formerly annoying island, is that you can use its free ends to stack tall and slim storage units. Typically, those surprisingly small storage units can hold heaps of stuff ranging from wine bottles, to recipes, to cooking books.

Do not believe all that you see:

A small kitchen space can have a negative impact on the mood, and emotions of the lady of the house. Subsequently, here are some tips that will widen your kitchen’s virtual space, and will have an exhilarating impact on your lady’s mood:

Allow the mirrors to work their magic: exchange your regular countertops with mirrors, or mirror like material, or fit your doors with a tall mirror. This will definitely make your petit cuisine appear larger.

Colour your life:

It is fairly known that a light coloured walls and cabinets will allow your place to appear more spacious. Then again, what if, in addition to painting your walls and cabinets, how about getting a matching coloured stools to go with. This will certainly unify your place and will make your kitchenette appear more capacious.